Soaps' Hottest Stars: Lamon Archey

Lani and Eli’s story has ramped up a lot over the past year. What has that meant to you? “It means a lot to now be on where the fans can see us more, and we’re much more visible. We’re driving story that involves other characters as opposed to us helping other characters in their stories. It definitely feels good that the writers and producers have gotten behind us and pushed us to the forefront. I’m pleased and happy and grateful, as well.”

Fans have had a strong reaction to this couple. “I give a lot of credit to the fans for showing so much love for ‘Elani’ because it really has a lot to do with them and their support that we’re now one of the top couples on the show.”

Your storylines have been so dramatic. Will we see a lighter side now that Jackée Harry is in as Paulina? “Yeah, you definitely will. Anytime Jackée is in a scene, the fans can definitely count on the fun. She brings a certain light, laughter, everything, so it’s always like a bright light shining when she’s in scenes with us.”

You’re also working on ALL AMERICAN. How has it been there and getting to know new co-stars? “It really hasn’t been hard, and I have to thank DAYS for packing in so many scripts and scenes because it really has helped with memorizing lines. Taye Diggs [Billy] is a pleasure. He’s definitely a funny, goofy guy and likes to have some fun on set, and I’m the same way. So it’s really fun working with him and Karima [Westbrook, Grace], as well. She’s really, really sweet. And Daniel [Ezra, Spencer] is really cool. Everyone has been super-supportive and welcoming. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about everyone there.”