Soaps' Hottest Newcomers: Sydney Mikayla

What stands out to you about your first day at GH? “The fast pace. I found it really interesting. When I shot my first scene, we did one take and moved on!”

Who is the first person you met in the cast? “Garren [Stitt], who played Oscar on the show. Ironically, we met at a mutual friend’s party the day before and I overhead someone saying he was on GENERAL HOSPITAL, so I introduced myself.”

Have you done anything to decorate your dressing room, and who are your neighbors? “My dressing room neighbors are William [Lipton, Cameron] and Eden [McCoy, Josslyn] because we all have to be near the school room and the set teacher. Before Covid, we would often go in and out of each other’s dressing rooms. My dressing room is pink and gold and has lots of inspirational quotes. I also have a mini photo wall and a light-up message board. Right now my message board says, ‘Get in good trouble’ in honor of John Lewis.”

What is your favorite set to work on and why? “I liked working on the boat because I loved how the crew made waves and used fog. It seemed very ominous.”

How has being cast on GH changed your life? “It has made me become a better actress. In the past I have often played the same type of comedic roles, so to be a given a character with so much depth is the opportunity of a lifetime. I feel so honored to portray Trina.”

What does it mean to you that Trina has been so warmly received by the GH audience? “I am so appreciative of everyone who supports the show and me! It’s been a wonderful experience so far and I hope to continue making great memories on the show.”