First Look!

Scott Clifton Sings New B&B Tune

Scott Clifton

Credit: JPI

Scott Clifton (Liam, B&B) will sing an original song on the July 28 episode of B&B, and we have your sneak peek of a very special Liam montage that accompanies it. The new tune was written by Daytime Emmy Award Winning Song Writer/Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk, who details, “The creation of ‘The Song That Never Played’ happened very organically. As we were shooting Liam’s reflective montage, I was completely drawn into Scott Clifton’s performance. It was the first scene of the day, and Monte Carlo was desolate. It created an amazing visual. So I scribbled down some lyrics and wrote out a draft on the plane ride home. After Tony Ferrari [co-writer] worked out a melody, we discussed with Brad Bell [executive producer/head writer] who should sing the song. It’s funny, because the answer was literally staring us in the face. Scott’s vocal performance totally delivers. It’s a really special montage that completely captures the Liam/Steffy saga like never before.” Clifton admits,” I was surprised that the show asked me to sing the song  — it’s such a sweet, subtle, pretty song — mostly because I just don’t think of myself as a singer, but when they told me that they’d heard my own music and thought my voice would be a nice fit, I was honored. We recorded it really quickly in a small studio on Wilshire near CBS, right before I had to shoot scenes for B&B. The guys were great — we told stories and laughed for most of the time, and the notes they gave me made everything sound so much better.” Of the visit to Monte Carlo, where Clifton shot the scene, he says, “This was my third time visiting Monaco. It’s a beautiful, beautiful city. Everything about it is exquisite: the people, the food, the geography, the architecture, the climate, the culture. And it’s really special to be a part of the TV Festival, celebrating television. What was different about this visit for me was that it’s the first time I’ve shot episodes of the show there. Not the worst work environment! And Brad was with us this year, which — if you didn’t know this — makes everything more fun. Brad is an expert on balancing productivity with having a good time, and there was no forfeiture of partying just because we had to work.” Check out the clip here: