A Rocky Road: AMC's Edmund and Maria

Neurosurgeon Maria Santos arrived in Pine Valley and quickly fell for Edmund, who was yearning for Brooke.

Edmund and Maria married on March 11. When Del Henry came to town, he exposed her secret: Maria had become pregnant with Del’s baby while in college and miscarried, resulting in her being infertile.

Edmund and Maria adopted Sam (the son of Kelsey and Bobby), but Kelsey decided she wanted the baby back. Edmund had to take Sam from Maria’s arms when she tried to flee the country with the baby. A distraught Maria slept with Edmund’s brother Dimitri, only to wind up pregnant and unsure who the father was. Skye altered the paternity test and told everyone Dimitri was the father — but it was really Edmund. Bobby convinced Kelsey to give Sam back to Edmund and Maria.

Maria went into labor while arguing with Erica (who knew the truth about the child’s paternity) at Willow Lake during an ice storm. While en route to the hospital, Erica’s car skidded off the road and the infant Maddie was presumed dead. Erica learned the baby survived and tried to pass her off as her own adopted child, Sonya, but later confessed. A plane carrying Maria, Edmund, Maddie and Brooke exploded and crashed. They survived, but the wreckage tumbled over a cliff with Maria and she was presumed killed. Dimitri later sued Edmund for custody of Maddie. Edmund learned he was her father and won her back.

Edmund fell in love with Alexandra Devane, the ailing Dimitri’s new wife. After Dimitri faked his own death, Edmund proposed and Alex accepted. Dimitri revealed he was alive and reunited with Alex.

Edmund and Brooke fell in love again while pursuing the drug lord Proteus.

Edmund asked Brooke to marry him on Valentine’s Day. When Hayley and Mateo’s baby Lorenzo needed a liver transplant, Brooke searched for Maureen Gorman, who was a tissue-match, and she discovered Maureen was actually Maria, but kept that information secret. Curious about Brooke’s reaction, Maureen visited Pine Valley, where she was mugged, but rescued by Aidan. On Brooke and Edmund’s wedding day, Maureen took Maddie. Brooke admitted she knew Maureen was Maria. Edmund found Maureen, but she revealed she didn’t remember being Maria and preferred to remain Maureen. She turned to Aidan and Edmund eventually found comfort with Mia.

Aidan proposed to Maureen and she accepted. When Maddie accidentally witnessed Flanders kill Chris Stamp, she was taken into hiding by Maria, Edmund and Aidan. When thugs found Maddie on the yacht and tossed her overboard, Maureen jumped in and saved her — and regained her memory of being Maria. She and Edmund reconciled, leaving Aidan and Mia out in the cold. Edmund and Maria remarried on June 16.

Edmund was shot by Argentinean thugs and left paralyzed from the waist down. Zach came to Pine Valley looking for Maureen, with whom he had a relationship while she was Maureen.

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