Robert Palmer Watkins

Robert Palmer Watkins made his GH entrance on June 2 in the recast role of Tracy's younger son, Dillon Quartermaine.

"I love the character and I am so excited to be a part of the show," enthuses the actor, who first auditioned for GH Casting Director Mark Teschner several years ago, shortly after he graduated from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. "I feel like Dillon has a very strong stance on things and he is very confident, which can come off a little cocky, but he’s also very lovable and he’s a good guy deep down. I’ve always loved comedy and a sense of humor is really important to me, and I think Dillon is very witty, very sharp and very humorous."

He has some soap fans in his family and they'll surely be glued to their screens to see what kind of trouble Dillon gets into. "Today, I wanted to tell my friends and family to watch, but I come in literally at the very end, like a little cliffhanger," he chuckles, "so I said, 'Everybody, you can tune in today if you want, but really, tune in tomorrow!" Watkins says that his first four weeks of work have been a blast. "When I first come in, I have some pretty intense scenes, but then his playfulness and personality really start to come out. It's been so fun to discover different levels to Dillon and to work with legends like Jane Elliot [Tracy] and Anthony Geary [Luke] and to start to get to know everybody in the cast. The amount of support everyone has been giving me, welcoming me to the show, has been awesome — and I haven't read too many hateful comments about me online, so I appreciate that [laughs]."