Robert Guza Jr.: The Write Stuff, Part 2

As befits a wordsmith, GENERAL HOSPITAL head writer Robert Guza Jr. had plenty to say about what to expect on his soap this fall — far more than we could fit in print. Here, we give him some more room to run…

Soap Opera Weekly: Sam and Lucky really click together — and they are one hot couple.
Robert Guza Jr.: It’s good to hear that you guys are getting some good feedback, partly because they are so gorgeous. That’s definitely going to continue, big-time. They have a very interesting thing together. I like the idea of the these two action characters. It’s interesting to watch them play out dangerous situations while they are developing a real, deeper caring for each other; they are watching each other put their lives on the line. It’s kind of cool. They are playful and challenging. She is very independent, very comfortable in an action/adventure mode.

Weekly: So you really captured lightning in a bottle with that couple.
Guza: We suspected it might be there. We weren’t sure, but we watched the pairing for a little while, and we are real happy about it.

Weekly: Another couple that is really showing a lot of promise is Maxie/Spinelli, but there’s a rumor they are headed for the back burner.
Guza: They are in no way going to be back-burnered, no matter what fans might have heard. We love Maxie and Spinelli! I love that relationship because it’s so touching. It’s different. It will have its sexual elements, but it is also something deeper than that.

Weekly: Maybe fans are expecting Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie, to be paired with her old DAYS OF OUR LIVES co-star Jason Cook, because Belle and Shawn were an item.
Guza: Obviously, Jason and Kirsten had a very strong and popular romance on DAYS four or five years ago, and that’s great, but I don’t think the assumption should be made that just because we bring him on this show, we are going to put him in a romance with Maxie. In fact, I would never do that. Maxie is in no way responsive to anybody but Spinelli right now. So she will play with Matt; there will be some sparks — mostly of anger — but we are not going to jeopardize Maxie and Spinelli. Not right away, for sure. It’s too good a relationship. Matt is going have to work for it, if that is what he chooses to do. He will be very much in the mix, but I don’t want Maxie and Spinelli fans to think that we are just going to throw Spinelli aside and give her to Matt. We are not.

Weekly: Matt is involved in this counterfeit drug story, which seems rather…unusual.
Guza: This is actually a real issue, a ripped-from-the-headlines type of thing. An organized crime unit was intercepting pharmaceuticals before they got to the hospitals and the pharmacies. There were replacing the real ones with placebos or, in some cases, with poison. They were selling the real ones on the black market and making millions of dollars.

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