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Remembering Lucas’s Comings And Goings From DAYS

1993-2001: During his first stint in Salem, Lucas schemed with Sami to keep Austin and Carrie apart, became a father (to Will, in 1995), discovered his roots as the biological son of Bill Horton, and married Nicole (in 1999) and divorced her the following year. In despair after losing custody of Will, Lucas drank himself into a stupor and nearly died in a fire. Comatose, he was sent off to a long-term rehabilitation center in April of 2001.

2002: In February, Lucas was transferred to Salem University Hospital and regained consciousness. He secured joint custody of Will and in July, departed for Africa for an extended vacation with his son.

2002-08: Lucas returned in September and became romantically entangled with Sami again, then had a short 2006 marriage to Carrie before he and Sami tied the knot in 2007. They split, but welcomed a daughter, Allie. Then, after Lucas confessed to shooting EJ in the back (to protect Will, who really did it), he was sentenced to 10 years in prison in February 2008.

2008-09: Lucas was paroled in May, and by December, he was engaged to Chloe. They eloped to Vegas the following year, but she couldn’t resist her pull to Daniel, and Lucas numbed his pain with alcohol. In September 2009, after serving Chloe with annulment papers, Lucas left Salem to check in to rehab. He returned in December and set about making amends with his loved ones.

2010: In February, after attending Philip’s wedding to Melanie, Lucas disappeared from the screen; in April, it was revealed on air that he had moved to China. In June, he came back to Salem when his grandmother, Alice, got sick. She passed away, and after her funeral, he headed back to Hong Kong.

2012-18: Lucas returned home in February when Sami issued a distress call. After many ups and downs, he departed for Europe in November 2018 to spend Thanksgiving with Allie, and ended up extending his stay.

2019-20: In June, Lucas and Sami rushed to Will’s bedside when he was hospitalized with a tumor. Will recovered, and Lucas exited off camera. He came back in September after Kate was shot — and as her health care proxy, he agreed to donate her heart to Julie. Kate emerged from her coma in time to ixnay the transplant. In October, Lucas went back to Europe to tend to Allie, and returned to Salem in June 2020 to reunite with his daughter, who had fled there.