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Quiz Show: John J. York

Digest: What was the name of the ship Mac sneaked into Port Charles on?

York: “The S.S. Tracy!”

Digest: Correct.

York: “Well, I got one right — I’m happy!”

Digest: Who did Mac try to talk down when she brandished a gun at Robert and Anna’s 1991 wedding?

York: “Oh — Dominique.”

Digest: Correct.

York: “Really?! What a lucky break.”

Digest: What did Mac perform at the very first Nurses’ Ball in 1994? a) A comedy routine c) “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” b) “Jump, Jive and Wail” d) A ventriloquist act

York: “ ‘Thank Heaven for Little Girls.’ That’s the one.”

Digest: Incorrect; he performed that at a later ball. The correct answer is a), a comedy routine.

York: “Ah, okay. I remember it now — vaguely! I wish I could remember some of the jokes. They were probably about Sonny and Jason.”

Digest: What was the last name of Mac’s doppelgänger, James? a) Marshall c) Meadows b) Martin d) Morton

York: “Meadows. Ding, ding, ding!”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: True or false: Cesar Faison sent Mac a video exposing Felicia’s steamy make-out session with Luke in 1999.

York: “I’m going to say true, but I don’t really know the answer. That was a bad time in my GENERAL HOSPITAL career.”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: Which of the following did Mac not arrest Patrick for? a) Assault and kidnapping b) Failure to yield c) Indecent exposure d) Stalking

York: “Patrick, Robin’s Patrick?!?! Huh. Failure to yield?”

Digest: Incorrect. Mac did arrest Patrick for failing to yield “to my niece”, Robin. The correct answer is c).

York: “Okay, it’s coming back to me. That’s when he arrested Patrick because he was trying to get him together with Robin.”

Digest: Why did Mayor Lomax fire Mac as Police Commissioner in 2012?

York: “Because he wasn’t doing a good job? I remember the scene where she came in and said, ‘You’re fired,’ because I remember reading the script and going, ‘Oh, you’re kidding me! Does that mean I’m going to be fired from the show?’ ”

Digest: Correct-ish. Lomax fired Mac because of the bad publicity surrounding the crime spree of dirty cop Ronnie Dimestico, which caused her to lose faith in Mac’s leadership at the PCPD. But since it’s technically true that she felt he wasn’t doing a good job, we’ll award a quarter of a point.

York: “I remember the name Ronnie, if that helps!”

Digest: Who were the best man and maid of honor at Mac and Felicia’s 2013 wedding?

York: “Oh, man. Give me a hint!”

Digest: Okay, okay: Mac fainted at their nonwedding.

York: “Maxie and Spinelli!”

Digest: Correct. For a bonus point, who were they last-minute replacements for?

York: “Robert and Anna?”

Digest: Half-correct; it was Duke and Anna. We’ll award half a point.

Digest: Who destroyed Mac’s dummy, Mr. Marbles, at the 2014 Nurses’ Ball?

York: “Oh, that’s easy: Epiphany. She threw him on the ground, smashed him and stepped on him, and that was the end of Mr. Marbles — thank goodness!”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: Who sicced the cops on Mac and Felicia for having carnal relations in the park in 2017?

York: “Stella, Vernee Watson! I can still see her face peeking over the bushes!”

Digest: Correct.

Final score: 7.75 out of 10.

York: “Okay, not bad! I feel pretty good. I feel that the questions were fair. Had you not given me a multiple choice for James’s last name, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it, so thank you for that one. I thought there would be a question about Jenny Eckert or Katherine Bell, but I didn’t get one! Which is fine, because I probably would have gotten it wrong [laughs].”