Quick Take With Don Diamont (Bill, B&B)

So, Bill had a “run- in” with Steffy, which landed her in the hospital.

“Of all the people Bill might love to run over, Steffy is not one of them. Ridge, maybe [laughs], but Steffy definitely is not.”

What was your reaction to the twist?

“I thought it was a good one. It’s obviously dramatic and it creates a lot of trouble. As if Ridge didn’t have enough reasons to hate Bill, here’s another one, on top of the kiss with Brooke, so yes, here we are.”

Before the break, Bill and Brooke’s kiss was exposed. Is Bill still determined to win back Katie and keep his family intact?

“It’s all about reclaiming his family, but yet even before this, he still hadn’t asked Katie to marry him, so I guess while on the one hand, he really does want to reunite his family, there is obviously something holding him back from going down that road for the third time with Katie. That may very well be lingering feelings about Brooke, even though he is, I think, denying that to himself. But, that still may be present. He has kept Steffy out of the picture as far as keep- ing his family intact. He is concerned. Bill is trying to be his best self, and loving his family is quite genuine, and his love for Katie and Will is quite genuine. He’s feeling like the best thing for him is to keep his family, and yet he hasn’t jumped in with both feet saying, ‘Hey, kids, let’s get married,’ so there is something that’s holding him back because he still hasn’t taken that step.”

Is he really over Brooke?

“Even when faced with being discov- ered with the kiss with Brooke and they said it didn’t mean anything, well, it meant something. It meant he crossed a line he shouldn’t cross and maybe under different circum- stances, maybe that could have been Steffy, but there are strong feelings that live in him and he denies them now, particularly because he really wants to be his best self and he really wants to be the patriarch — in the best sense of the word — of his family, so he’s putting his best foot forward. Well, trying.”

Then, there’s Steffy. Does this accident reawaken old feelings?

“That was over 10 years in the making then, poof, it was over. And then there is always the potential bombshell of Kelly’s paternity, which fans still discuss.” It’s an exciting time; lots of pos- sibilities of how things could go. “It could be, quite honestly. I have no idea where any of this is going, and I’m not just saying that, I really don’t know where it’s going. I don’t know what will fizzle out or may turn into something. I just don’t know what happens.”