PASSIONS's Most Shocking Secrets!
A Look Back At Those Memorable Revelations That Rocked Harmony

On December 17, Pilar finally told Theresa the truth about her past: She killed her rapist, Carlos, who just happened to be the husband of her ex-best friend, Juanita — and now Juanita is after Pilar’s family. However, Pilar is hardly the first Harmonyite to have a secret. Here are some of the other juicy tidbits that changed PASSIONS’s history. For more on Eva Tamargo’s (Pilar) take on her character’s past, check out the 12/25 issue of Digest.Ethan’s Not A Crane!
For his entire life, Ethan believed he was the son of Ivy and Julian, and was raised in the wealthy Crane household. However, unbeknownst to him, Ivy had had an affair with Sam Bennett. Finally, in 2000, Theresa stumbled across a letter from Ivy to Sam telling him that he was Ethan’s father. Theresa scanned the letter while she was angry at Ethan and intended to forward it to the tabloids, but never actually hit “send.” Soon after, Theresa and Ethan made up and became engaged, but in early 2001, Rebecca found the letter and sent it to the tabloids. Soon after, the tabloids reported the story and during his engagement party to Theresa, Ethan learned the truth about his paternity.Ethan Is Little Ethan’s Father!
In 2001, Theresa and Ethan’s double wedding with Luis and Sheridan was interrupted when Ivy crashed through the church and claimed that Theresa had told the tabloids about Sam being Ethan’s father. A devastated Theresa went to Bermuda, where she ran into Julian, who was celebrating his divorce from Ivy. The next morning, they woke up in bed together and realized they’d gotten married! When Theresa became pregnant shortly thereafter, she believed her child was Julian’s. However, Theresa learned that Little Ethan is actually Ethan’s son in 2006. Julian learned the truth in 2007, but Ethan still thinks he’s the child’s “uncle.” He came close to getting the whole story, though, when Little E donated part of his liver to save the life of baby Jonathan, Gwen and Ethan’s son.Chad And Whitney Are Related — Not!
Whitney and Chad were devastated in 2003 when they learned that Chad was the product of an affair between Eve and Julian, making them half brother and sister (and parents to an incest baby, Miles). However, in 2006, reporter J.T. Cornell did some digging and revealed that Chad was actually the son of Alistair and Liz, Eve’s adopted sister. This meant that Whit and Chad weren’t related by blood.Vincent Is The Blackmailer — And The Son Of Eve And Julian!
Throughout 2007, Harmony was tormented by a thug who wore a creepy half-man/half-woman costume, raped Fancy, blackmailed Theresa into marrying Jared, and was obsessed with Ethan. No one in town seemed to be able to figure out who the mysterious assailant was until Vincent pulled off his mask and revealed himself to Eve. He then informed her that he was her long-lost son with Julian. Yikes.Vincent Is Valerie!
As Julian’s relationship with Eve crumbled, the cad enjoyed a one-night stand with beautiful Valerie in 2007. Only “she” was also a presumed-dead Vincent, meaning that Julian had slept with his son. Eww! Soon after, Vincent learned that he, uh, she, was pregnant, and as Valerie demanded that Eve — whom Vincent had been gaslighting — be her doctor. Eve then realized that Valerie and Vincent were one and the same. “How is this possible?” Eve asked. “Let’s just say, things are very complicated down there,” Vincent explained of his/her anatomy. No kidding!

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