PASSIONS Disaster = Success!


When: July 12, 2005
Where: Universal Citywalk, Loews Cineplex
Why: To preview PASSIONS Disaster, the show’s summer blockbuster storyline, weeks before the scenes air

When You Will Get To See The Scenes: Starting July 26
Reason To Celebrate: The screening was one week after the show’s 6th anniversary.
In Attendance: Most of the cast, crew, fans and American Red Cross
Atmosphere: Props such as the broken Harmony sign, rocks and wreckage lined the red carpet.

Good Eats: Popcorn was given out in a plastic PASSIONS cup.
Party On: The cast and crew continued the celebration feet away from the theater at Café Tu Tu Tango.

What is the turning point for your character during the disaster?

Richard Steinmetz (Martin Fitzgerald): “Katherine is in trouble. Martin goes out to rescue her. It takes him right into Pilar’s door and he’s got trouble.”
Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop): “The disaster seems to bring Ethan a little closer to Theresa once more, inch by inch. Of course, he gets stuck with Theresa, of all people, while Gwen is in her bed eating popcorn or something [laughs]. The disaster brings good things for Ethan and Theresa.”James Hyde (Sam Bennett): “There is so much going on with Jessica that there are so many other things to think about. Sam trying to piece things back together. After the disaster, he has no idea where Jessica or Noah are. He’s a bit frantic.”
Liza Huber (Gwen Winthrop): “I think there is a major turning point coming up for Gwen. I’m not sure what it is, but I can feel it [laughs].”Rodney Van Johnson (TC Russell): “The turning point is that TC realizes that he wants to be back with his wife.”
Charles Divins (Chad Crane): “All the secrets that Whitney has had finally come out. She finally realizes that she is accepting of her feelings for Chad; she gives in to it. This horrible disaster makes them feel vulnerable to the way they really feel. Finally, she’s on the same page as him.”Christopher Maleki (Spike): “For Spike, it means he gets his house cleaned [thanks to the flood that comes through].”
Amelia Marshall (Liz Sanbourne): “I think she snapped; she’s even more out of her mind.”
Emily Harper (Fancy Crane): “I believe that Fancy finally admits to herself her true feelings about Noah. Like anyone that is in any kind of crisis in their life, they start to put things in perspective of what’s really important. She realizes what’s really important, like her family.”
Danica Stewart (Jessica Bennett): “She goes through something that is absolutely going to shock you. You see a side of her that you haven’t seen. She’s been brainwashed by Spike, but she’s the same girl that she’s always been. During the disaster, you see the sweetness, then again, you see her being forced by Spike through the whole thing. He’s making her do wrong the whole time. She does a couple of things that are surprising and you probably won’t like her for them.”
Did you do your own stunts for the disaster scenes?
Dylan Fergus (Noah Bennett): “There is one that I did, I don’t know if it’s in this screening tonight. They let me, at the end of the day, fall down into the cavern. I flew like 15 feet down. I loved it!”
Is the disaster a good thing for Sheridan?
McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan Crane): “It is, actually, in a way. It brings in new people and new relationships. It is a good thing.”Was Valerie part of the disaster storyline?
Daphnee Duplaix Samuel (Valerie Davis): “No, unfortunately. I’m coming up. They’re about to get juicy with the storyline, so I’m excited.”

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