OLTL: Good Grief

The ONE LIFE TO LIVE teens are in turmoil when Cole and Langston are forced to go to grief counseling and Starr (whose parents are alive) is left behind. Brandon Buddy (Cole), Brittany Underwood (Langston) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) examine the grieving process.

Soap Opera Weekly: Starr has been rude lately, especially to Langston. What’s with that?
Kristen Alderson: Best friends always have arguments. Starr prefers things her way.

Weekly: Like her parents?
Alderson: Sort of like them (laughs). Also, she’s so close with Cole and loves him so much. If another girl says she knows what Cole would do it’s like, “No! You don’t know what Cole would do, I know what Cole would do.” It was, “Don’t act like you know him better than me.” She was being very protective.

Brittany Underwood: It was kind of harsh, some of the things Starr was saying. Especially after everything that Langston has done for Starr, the blows were a little below the belt. I understand why she was upset. All Starr wants to do is help and be there. There’s not so much that Starr can do, because Langston knows more about (losing a parent). Starr hates not being able to relate or understand the way Langston can understand Cole.

Weekly: Cole and Langston are headed for grief counseling. How was that?
Underwood: It was weird. It was a small group of people. I was nervous to have only a handful of kids in this small circle, all looking at me. It felt like we were really there, like we really had to share this with people we didn’t know in this small space. It’s a little scary. Brandon did an excellent job with his speech. I think it went well.

Weekly: How does Cole like the grief sessions?
Brandon Buddy: He had to do it when his dad died, so he has kind of the upper hand on the whole situation. But what kid wants to sit there after a parent dies and talk about it with a bunch of their peers? It is just not a situation most people want to be in.

Weekly: Bet Starr would like to be there.
Alderson: Of course, and I totally understand why she feels that way. Your best friend and your boyfriend, the two people you hang out with most in your life, all of a sudden start hanging out together and you’re not allowed to be with them or talk to them about it.

Weekly: Would it make you nervous?
Alderson: Oh, yes. It would make me totally nervous. When I read the script I got a little chill, like, “Ugh, I would not like that, either.” But it’s good stuff and really interesting to see how Starr has a whole bunch of emotions about it. She’s going through a tough time.