Nick vs. Victor: Now and Then

With THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ Nick supporting his mother, Victor is lashing out against him, but the Newman patriarch must not remember what happened the last time Nick returned fire.

Nick and his father have had their share of spats, but nothing prepared Nick — or viewers! — for the kiss Victor shared with Sharon in 2002. “It’s such a taboo,” Joshua Morrow marveled at the time. “Nick buys Sharon some jewelry and goes home on bended knee to apologize. He mistakenly thinks it’s all waiting for him, but she’s making out with his pops! It kills Nick.”

Between the loss of Cassie and their marriage, Sharon was already dying inside. “Everything was just a mess and she only had Victor to talk to,” Sharon Case explained. “He was there for her and she was grabbing at anything and crossed the line.”

Nick got his revenge at the end of 2003, when he learned Victor was bribing stores to keep Newman’s Safra line front and center. “Victor stuffed briefcases full of cash and delivered them to people,” Peter Bergman scoffed. “This guy broke the law, committing a heinous crime.”

And that’s why Nick claimed he turned in dear old dad to the feds. “Nick has this sense he has to do what’s right, but you start to see strains of doubt in his face,” Morrow admitted back then. “He has a lot of anger right now. There’s still lingering feelings about Victor kissing his wife, and Nick feels he wasn’t a very good father. Nick is not acting rationally.”

Victor almost spent Christmas in the slammer and even disowned his son for a bit. Genoa City locals continued to see Nick’s dark side emerge, but Morrow was confident father and son would eventually mend fences.

“At some point they’ve got to find a way back,” he maintained. “But they’re two very confident men with large egos and I don’t see a lot of give in either one of them right now.”

As Morrow suspected, it wasn’t easy. In fact, true peace wasn’t achieved until Victor’s epilepsy turned him all warm and snuggly in 2006. Wonder what it will take this time!