New Soap Opera Doc Shines Light On Industry

The forthcoming documentary film Soap Life, produced by New York Production Services, takes a serious look at the daytime genre and recent changes within the industry, from budget cuts to cancellations. Filmmaker Matthew D'Amato logged over 70 interviews with daytime actors, producers, writers, fans and at multiple fan events for what's certain to be compelling insider peek at all things soap. "We all agreed this would be really important and basically just called a bunch of agents and producers and actors asking if they wanted to participate," D'Amato tells Digest. "With so few shows left, it's important to document it. It's eight months later and we have a little bit of everything to tell the story of the genre and how it's impacted American culture. We were there as the Prospect Park thing was happening, as the shows were being canceled and as actors were moving around. We just kept filming! Everyone has been so nice and supportive. It's going to open a lot of eyes, to not only [daytime] fans, but a wider audience." As for what exactly the doc will incorporate, D'Amato says, "It's about the past, present and future, but the focus is what's currently happening and where it's going. We talk about the history and some of the great stories but also what it takes to make a show, the numbers, the money, the focus groups, the network." The film is a bit of a passion project for D'Amato. "I grew up with soaps in the house," he shares. "My mom still watches them. So to meet someone like Julia Barr [ex-Brooke, AMC] and sit in her house, I mean, I remember her from I was little." The filmmakers are currently seeking approximately $3,000 more in funds by Sunday, March 4, via "Everything has been self-funded so far, so we're using Kickstarter to help with the post-production [process]," D'Amato explains. "The more we can raise, the better the final product will be." The film is set to be completed sometime in June. To contribute and view the trailer, visit .

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