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New DOOL App Series To Feature A “Last Blast Reunion”!

The DOOL App is launching a new series — “Last Blast Reunion” — on November 29, and it will feature some beloved faces from the past. Returning to the .Com cyber café after almost 20 years are Brandon Beemer (Shawn), Martha Madison (Belle), Heather Lindell (Jan), Aaron Van Wagner (Jason), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Lindsay Hollistar (Susan). Because of a scheduling conflict with Farah Fath, the role of Mimi has been recast with Theressa Liane. Chadwick Hopson will play Kevin, a role originally played by Brett Lawrence and Robert Benvenisti. There will also be a big surprise for viewers in the first episode when a major fan favorite returns, as well. Story-wise, Belle and Chloe discover their old friend Kevin has reopened the “.Com Café” in New York, similar to the one at which they all used to gather at in Salem. The three of them decide to plan a reunion of the “Last Blast Crew,” and a week later they are joined by Susan, Shawn and Mimi, and the friends reminisce and quickly ease back into their old bonds and rivalries. The story takes an unexpected turn with some shocking twists that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats all the way to the surprise ending. After the November 29 premiere, new episodes will be available every Thursday for the following seven weeks. The episodes will also be available on the NBC app and one week after streaming exclusively on The DOOL App. Each episode will be approximately 7-10 minutes in length. “We are excited to bring together some of the most beloved characters from Days of our Lives in the next DOOL App series,” said Greg Meng, DAYS’s co-executive producer. “As this new digital platform continues to grow, we can provide exciting additional content to complement the air show on NBC.” More information is available at

Nadia and Martha