Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH) reflects on her characters’ often messy love life

Ned Quartermaine (1997-2001; 2014-15)

Did Ned ever really stand a chance of making it work with someone who loves bad boys as much as Alexis does? “Ned should have been the one to run out of the wedding. Ned owes Alexis for his life.”

If she could do it all over again, do you think she still would have left him at the altar? “Of course. There’s more story in her misery and dysfunction than a happily married life.”

Do you think a part of her is jealous that he ended up with Olivia? “Nah. They’re adorable together.”



Sonny Corinthos (2000-02)

This was a professional relationship/friendship at first, and then attraction crept in. What turned the tide for Alexis? “For me it was the writing. It was character-infused, making it easy to have chemistry. And our chemistry in turn fueled the writers to keep peeling our onions, so to speak. The conflict was perfectly set up and one thing led to another organically, which is never easy in daytime. Then for some strange reason it was abruptly halted when old writers returned. I always wonder what motivates a writer to yank something out from under an audience who was invested in it. Never thought these two were meant to last at all, but rather than letting it play itself out with gentility and heart, they just broke it. It took years to undo some of that damage.”

Was Alexis was taken aback when she developed feelings for Sonny? “Definitely, that was what made it so much fun.”

They were never a proper couple, but a lot of fans rooted for them nonetheless. Why do you think that was? “Exactly because of that. They were not proper, they were perfectly mismatched and always on opposite sides of everything. That is the kind of mess you want to act in and what keeps the audience off-guard and entertained.”

How does Alexis rate Sonny as a coparent to Kristina? “He loves her and pays his child support. If he just didn’t kill people for a living and get his kids caught in the crossfire of his yearly slow-motion shoot-outs, he’d get a solid B. Unfortunately due to his career choice and ego, he gets a D.”


Ric Lansing (2004-06)

What made Alexis fall in love with Ric? “He was a very good dancer … and actor. Lots of laughs with him.”

What was the biggest obstacle they faced? “I believe he slept with my daughter. Poor choice for a happy home.”

If Ric came back to town, would Alexis give him another look? “Definitely. She’s always up for a romp with trouble and a delicious actor.”



Julian Jerome (2013-17)

The fan response to this pairing was pretty thunderous. What do you think the show tapped into with “Julexis”? “Alexis had no romantic connections for a long time. She was menopausal, uninterested and that was a funny and relatable beat but should’ve been just a beat. Frank [Valentini, executive producer] came on and said, ‘Oh, no, we are not doing this to you. You are going to be vibrant and sexy again.’ The setup in making Julian Sam’s father was well-thought through and both of us choosing to always want to rip each other’s clothes off was well-played and infectious. I got to take a lot of women on that ride with me, so I hope it was as good for them as it was for me. There was both passionate sensuality and a depth of love with these two causing a chemical reaction all around. Their popularity was quite amazing, really.”

How would you describe Alexis’s current feelings for him? “Indifference, I guess. She needed him to have a better excuse for his actions. I think he wished he had one, too. I also think his hooking up with Kim sucked out any oxygen she had left to keep their connection alive. The undoing of ‘Julexis’ gave me good scenes to play which were really fun; unfortunately, in its unraveling it left an army without a war. The ‘Julexis’ Army was persistent, loyal and fierce. I love them and miss them.”

If handled carefully, do you think there is a way this love story could have another chapter? “Everyone and everything can rise from the dead on daytime. I should trademark that and put it on T-shirts.”



Neil Byrne (2019-present)

Why is Alexis attracted to Neil? “He’s perfect for her. Completely inappropriate to be involved with in every way.”

Do you think Alexis regrets spending their night of passion, given the eventual consequences to their careers? “Well, uh, yeah! No one is that good in bed to give up a career you love! Truthfully, I think she regrets that he regrets it.”