More Big OLTL Returns!

In the current issue of Digest, OLTL Head Writer Ron Carlivati promises, "There will be returns and there will be many!" and Llanview fans certainly won't be disappointed by what's in store for the show this fall. Digest has learned that several more Llanview faves are headed back to the canvas. Susan Batten (ex-Luna), Brandon Buddy (ex-Cole) and Jessica Tuck (ex-Megan) were reportedly spotted on the OLTL set last week and have taped scenes which are set to air before the show's network finale in January. Tonja Walker (Alex) Tuc Watkins (David), Fiona Hutchison (ex-Gabrielle), Brian Kerwin (ex-Charlie) and Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) are already slated for upcoming returns as well. With Gabrielle, Megan and Luna all presumably deceased, could there be another trip to heaven in the works?

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