In The Middle

We asked almost the entire B&B cast for their middle name and how they got it.
Eileen Davidson (Ashley)

Middle Name: Marie. “We were raised very Catholic and since I already had a sister Mary, my mom wanted to bring in the Virgin Mother somehow and threw in Marie.”

Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie)

Middle Name: Anne, of course. “I guess you can say that’s my middle name, even though it really is hyphenated like a first name. But if you want to get technical, Anne is in between the first and last word!”

Jennifer Gareis (Donna)

Middle Name: Lynn. “My older sister has the same middle name, so I guess my parents liked it enough to use it again.”

Winsor Harmon (Thorne)

Middle Name: Dewey. “It’s a family name. I’m Winsor Dewey Harmon III.”Ashley Jones (Bridget)

Middle Name: Aubra. “My parents were thinking about naming me Autumn, so I think they made up Aubra because of that. I hated it as a child because no one else had that name but now, I love it.”

Lesli Kay (Felicia)

Middle Name: Kay. “I use my middle name for my professional last name. I think it was K for Klein, which was my maternal grandma’s last name.”

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)

Middle Name: Kelly (duh). “I think my mom just liked it.”

Kyle Lowder (Rick)

Middle Name: Brandon. “My mother liked it. My dad wanted to name me Buck, so she wanted to be the one who named me.”
John McCook (Eric)

Middle Name: Thomas. “I was named after my dad.”

Daniel McVicar (Clarke)

Middle Name: Joseph. “I’m from a family of 12, so it was the only name left.”

MacKenzie Mauzy (Phoebe)

Middle Name: Grace. “It’s my grandmother’s name. I love that I have her as part of my name.”

Ronn Moss (Ridge)

Middle Name: Montague “It’s a family name on my father’s side.”

Heather Tom (Katie)

Middle Name: Marie. “It’s my mom’s name.”Hunter Tylo (Taylor)

Middle Name: Tylo’s birth name is Deborah Jo. “I’m from Texas, so you can’t get more Southern than that.”

Jack Wagner (Nick)

Middle Name: Wagner’s birth name is Peter John. “My dad’s name is Peter, so I went by Jack.”

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