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Meet GH's New Michael, Chad Duell

Does Chad Duell look a little familiar? If you haven’t seen him before, chances are your tweens have. Read on….

Soap Opera Digest: Welcome to GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Chad Duell: Thank you. It’s good to be here.

Digest: What’s your take on Michael?

Duell: My initial take was a little fuzzy. I was just trying to catch up. But how I view him now, he’s very multi-layered. Everyone knows how much he’s been through, just since he woke up from a coma. His father’s a mobster. He killed his stepmother. There’s a lot of baggage but he has this great heart.

Digest: How so?

Duell: He loves his family. He wants to make his father proud. That’s what makes him interesting. He’s very complex. He’s got so many things going on at once…. He’s an awesome kid but he’s had it very rough.

Digest: You said in Digest that you felt you had a rough first few days. Do you feel more comfortable now?

Duell: Definitely. Everyone has been offering me advice and everyone’s so cool. Really they are. Steve [Burton, Jason] has really taken me under his wing.

Digest: You’ve got two credits under your belt on two very popular Disney Channel shows. Tell us about them.

Duell: Well, at first I did an episode for THE SUITE LIFE [ON DECK] and then they brought me back again. That was my first thing out here. I came from Arizona. I lived in Arizona all my life and there was no real acting in Arizona, so I studied and the first big thing I got was SUITE LIFE.

Digest: How’d it go?

Duell: It was an eye-opener. It was good experience to be on camera.

Digest: And after that?

Duell: I did WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE, and that was a big break for me, because it was a big part in a two-parter episode, in a Halloween special. I played a really fun character [named Ronald Longcape, Jr.]. It’s a blast working for the Disney Channel shows because the energy matches the goofiness. You can be as big as you want and still come across as normal. They were such fun experiences. I would always do those shows whenever because they were so much fun.

Digest: How was working with Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin?

Duell: They’re regular Joes. We talked about a lot of stuff. Selena is cool. I talked to Jake. We played some board games on the side. Everyone is really cool, on every show I’ve worked on.

Digest: Including GH?

Duell: Especially GH!