Meet ATWT's New Maddie

Soap Opera Weekly: How has the ATWT experience been so far?
Alexandra Chando: It’s been great. It hasn’t quite hit me yet, but everyone’s amazing.

Weekly: What projects were you doing before? Were you in school?
Chando: I was studying communications at Manhattan College. I will be in my sophomore year this year. But I did a pilot, some guest roles and commercials.

Weekly: Are you going to do the show and college?
Chando: I think I’m going to take a night class. I would like to stay with it because I think it’s important. I want to take it day by day and see how much I can handle.

Weekly: Is acting something you’ve always wanted to do?
Chando: Ever since I was little. I started community theater and worked my way up and always wanted to do it.

Weekly: What’s Maddie like?
Chando: Maddie is outgoing and bold. She’s a schemer. She really cares about her brother and has a great sense of humor.

Weekly: She sounds like Henry.
Chando: There’s some similar qualities between Maddie and Henry. They’re both witty. [The writers have] given me some funny lines. He’ll say something, and I’ll say something smart back.

Weekly: What’s it like working with Trent Dawson (Henry)?
Chando: We get along so well. It’s like we’re brother and sister in real life. He’s a big help, and I feel very comfortable with him. It’s great. He’s so good. It helps.

Weekly: Has Trent showed you the ropes?
Chando: He showed me the ropes from day one, then I learned a little bit more from Mark (Collier, Mike) and Terri (Colombino, Katie).

Weekly: Who did you screen-test with?
Chando: I had two screen tests, with Trent and Zach (Roerig, Casey).

Weekly: What brings Maddie to Oakdale?
Chando: She has a rough family life. She doesn’t get along with her mom, and Henry is the only one who has been there for her. Her intentions are to stay, but Henry doesn’t know that. He thinks she’s only coming for a few days to hang out and see him because it’s been a while.

Weekly: Do they have any other siblings?
Chando: Apparently there’s eight in the whole clan! Henry’s the oldest, and I’m the youngest. He’s a good big brother. He looks out for Maddie and reprimands her a little bit. He’s more of a father figure to her, because he is so much older.

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