When Samantha Brady and Lucas Roberts first met she was pining for Austin Reed, and he was infatuated with Carrie Brady, Sami’s sister — too bad that Austin and Carrie only had eyes for each other. That didn’t stop Sami and Lucas from working together to break up the couple, though. One of their first plans was for Lucas to go to the annual Spring Fling with Sami in order to make Austin jealous.


Alan Harris tried to rape Carrie, but when his plan failed, he raped Sami instead.

Sami shot Alan and turned to Lucas for comfort. Sami and Lucas made love and Austin walked in on them doing the deed. However, Austin wasn’t aware it was Sami with Lucas and assumed that it was Carrie. Sami and Lucas used this to their advantage and let him believe it was Carrie. Sami then drugged Austin in order for him to have sex with her. After their tryst, Sami left town and didn’t return until Austin’s wedding day to Carrie. She stopped the wedding and surprised the bride and groom with the announcement that she was pregnant with Austin’s child. A few months later, baby Will was born. But who was the true father: Austin or Lucas?

Will was sold in France on the black market and in order to get their son back, Austin and Sami had to get married. Later, Austin accidentally hit Sami with his car and left her critically injured. 1997
The car accident left Sami paralyzed and temporarily without her memory. As soon as she regained her memory Sami began scheming with Lucas again, this time to push Mike Horton and Carrie together. Throughout their devious planning, Sami discovered that Lucas, not Austin, was Will’s father, but in true Sami fashion she kept this information to herself, and even attempted to doctor her son’s medical records. No secret is forever in Salem and everyone found out Lucas was Will’s father when Carrie interrupted Sami and Austin’s wedding with the news. Freed from Sami, Austin and Carrie were finally able to get married. Sami began to blackmail Kate Roberts and in an effort to get Sami off his mother’s back, Lucas blackmailed Sami by threatening to take Will away from her permanently…it didn’t work.

Lucas accidentally dropped Will and Sami claimed he hit his son. Franco Kelly schemed his way into Sami’s heart by pretending to help her get Austin back, while Lucas’s drinking problem progressed. Sami and Franco decided to get married and on their wedding day Lucas killed Franco, then he and Kate framed Sami. After committing the murder, Lucas tried to escape with Will, but got into a serious car accident.

Sami was sentenced to death for the murder of Franco. When her execution day finally arrived Lucas couldn’t handle the guilt any longer. At the last second Lucas rushed in to save her life and admitted he was the killer. Lucky for Lucas, his mother arranged a way for the murder to be blamed on Roberto and Lucas was able to recant his confession. Though alive and well, Sami’s problems were far from over. Lucas and Nicole got married, and Lucas received custody of Will.

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