Lucky Strikes Out on His Own

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Lucky may not feel so fortunate lately, but portrayer Jonathan Jackson points out that Mr. Spencer has romantic options after Elizabeth and Nikolas betrayed him, and the seeds have already been planted for fraternal rapprochement.Soap Opera Weekly: How does Lucky look at Elizabeth at this point?

Jonathan Jackson: Well, it’s pretty complex. On the surface, there’s a sense of peace that it’s over. Like he said to Maxie a while ago, he doesn’t care if they move into Wyndemere. But that’s only true on the surface. That kind of a [relationship], I don’t think people get over real quickly. It takes years to really move on from something like that, so I think he still has feelings there. But that’s all stuff that he’s trying to walk away from, trying to move on from.

Weekly: Does he see Maxie as an option?

Jackson: Well, yeah, he’s had some different scenes with Maxie, he’s had some different stuff with Claire, so I don’t know what GH is doing with any of that. If GH is going anywhere with that, I don’t really know, but I definitely think he’s doing his best to move on from his relationship with Elizabeth. But, then again, he’s got the child, Aiden, that he doesn’t know about. I don’t know what the fallout of that’s gonna do to him, once he finds out about Aiden.

Weekly: Maybe he can walk away from Elizabeth, but can he walk away from his brother Nikolas?

Jackson: I think he would have an easier time walking away from his brother! I haven’t honestly thought about the difference between the two; I think it would be hard for him to walk away from either of them.

Weekly: Why might it be easier to diss his brother?

Jackson: The betrayal [with Elizabeth] was so intense, I think he could justify cutting Nikolas out of his life pretty easily. But one of the cool things that happened in the storyline where Franco abducted the baby was that Lucky and Nikolas were forced to work together, and it sort of transcended their issues. I thought that was cool.

Weekly: So out of a crisis came something positive?

Jackson: It would take something that extreme for them to stand side by side and accomplish something. I think there was a sort of prophetic mending of their relationship; a seed was planted through that whole ordeal — and that was unexpected.