ICYMI: DOOL App Series Episode 6 Available Now!


Credit: JPI

Episode 6 of the new DOOL App series, “Chad & Abby in Paris”, is available now on the DOOL App. For Head Writer Ron Carlivati, it’s been a fun endeavor to create an offshoot of the 53-year old network soap. “It was great,” he enthuses. “It has a different feel to it. I love the way they shot it. They were able to do it on our same sets. They made a very lovely set in Paris. Just the whole vibe of the show still feels like DAYS OF OUR LIVES, but it just has its own energy to it, which I think is great.” The concept came together after Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng approached the scribe about creating a series for the app. “They wanted some original content in addition to all of the other fun stuff they had going on there, Carlivati explains. “He said something that would enhance your experience of watching the show, but maybe not so interconnected that you could still  follow it without knowing [what was happening on air]. So we were talking about what if it was a character from Salem that maybe isn’t in Salem right now. And so we hit upon the idea of Chad and Abigail. Chad and Abigail left happy-happy, went off to Paris to work on their marriage, they’re a popular couple, let’s see what’s going on in Paris. So we had to come up with a story, but at the same time, we knew that they were coming back to Salem in November. I knew the status of their relationship when they got to Salem, so we were almost backing into that. Whatever we did in Paris had to end them at the point when we see them come to town. So again, I wanted it to be romantic — you want there to be some threat to the couple — but essentially I want to see Chad and Abigail fight it off together. I’m not looking to have you go onto this app and watch Chad and Abigail’s marriage be destroyed; I want you to come and see them maybe overcome an obstacle together. And we decided to add a familiar face, so we hit upon Austin [Peck, Austin] because it seemed to time out with Carrie’s visit to Salem.” The eighth episode, he previews, “ends on a little bit of a cliffhanger,” and Carlivati would be up for doing more. “It was a fun little challenge to do because I am used to writing an hour-long show. It was really exciting to drop in on these characters and remind the audience that there is a whole world of people there outside of Salem. And it does really open the door to do this with many different characters. There’s even possibility to use existing characters on the show and show a chapter of their lives that you never saw. The possibilities are kind of endless with it.” Catch up on the first five episodes now; if you don’t have the DOOL App, go to for information about how to do it.