Hunter Tylo's Secret Return

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL wanted all the bang for their buck with Taylor’s return and so did portrayer Hunter Tylo, but even with the wig, the hiding and faux character name in scripts, there were a few close calls.

First, in late March, an industry insider listed a tip on his Web site that someone “wants to go to recurring on her current gig and may come back from the world beyond.” An Internet game of telephone dropped the “recurring on her current gig” from the tidbit and fans began theorizing about the return of Macy or Taylor.

Meanwhile, Tylo was having fun surprising her castmates like Schae Harrison (Darla), but still couldn’t be seen by the folks at THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, which shoots across the hall. That’s one place the wig definitely came in handy. Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael), for example, was none the wiser when they crossed paths. “Thankfully,” Tylo exclaims, even though she was dying to say hello. “We’re good friends, so he would have been so loud!”

On the home front, Tylo’s own daughters Izabella, 8, and Katya, 7 almost let the secret slip to Dad. The pair was onset with Mom during her first week of shooting, even though Michael (ex-Blade, Y&R) didn’t even know she was back at work. “While they were here, they’d been focused on figuring out what CBS stands for, so they were at home going, ‘Mom works at Central Broadcasting Services!'” laughs Tylo. “I was like, ‘Oh, God,’ but they dropped it and nobody ever said anything. Phew.”

Then came a surprising turn of events. With rumors finally dying down, thanks to denials from show execs (and from me — sorry for misleading you B&B chatters, but I was sworn to secrecy!), the Soap Opera Digest office received an anonymous phone message claiming Hunter Tylo was onset. “I can’t imagine doing that. That’s so weird,” Tylo says, shaking her head sadly. Luckily, without show confirmation, the secret remained shaky, but safe.

Of course, once Soap Opera Weekly hit the stands and got into the hands of one excited fan, the “Tylo Returns” cover showed up all over the Internet in the blink of an eye (and illegally so, we might add).

The secret definitely got out and needless to say, by keeping it under wraps as long as possible B&B got the news all the coverage it ever could have hoped for — and deserves.