GL's Phillip Spaulding Timeline Page 2

1989 Blake confessed her treachery to Phillip; he forgave her and they were engaged. Phillip and Blake’s wedding was interrupted by their fathers, Roger and Alan. Phillip and Blake eloped. When Phillip learned that his father had faked Beth’s death certificate; he became obsessed with finding her. Blake encountered an amnesiac Beth and committed Phillip to Willow Hills Mental Facility for his “delusions.” Phillip reunited with Beth at Willow Hills and she regained her memory.1990 Blake refused to divorce Phillip even though he and Beth were engaged. Beth learned she was pregnant with Phillip’s child. Blake divorced Phillip. Phillip was accused of murdering Neil and faked his own death, with Rick and Beth’s help. When Phillip returned, he forgave Rick and Beth for marrying in his absence. Phillip was arrested when caught visiting Beth and their baby daughter Lizzie. Phillip was exonerated of killing Neil.1991 Phillip, Beth and Rick were sentenced to community service for faking Phillip’s death. After marrying on Valentine’s Day, Phillip and Beth moved to Arizona with Lizzie.1996 Phillip returned to Springfield to discover who had framed him for Neil’s murder. Phillip learned that Alan was the culprit. Beth served Phillip with divorce papers.1997 Phillip and Harley set up a sting operation to take down Jeffrey Morgan. Phillip and Harley fell in love. Beth returned to Springfield to win back Phillip.1998 When Beth’s abusive ex-boyfriend was murdered, she confessed to the crime. Phillip and Harley discovered that Lizzie was the killer. Harley broke up with Phillip so he could stand by Lizzie. Phillip chose Harley over Beth and they married.

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