GL's Phillip Spaulding Timeline

1982 Phillip, 17, returned to Springfield from his latest boarding school.1983 Phillip met Mindy and they began dating. Phillip fell for injured Beth while working at the hospital. Phillip and Beth confessed their love at Mindy’s birthday party. Mindy seduced Phillip and slept with him without using birth control. After Bradley raped Beth, Phillip and Beth fled to New York City.

1984 Phillip, Beth, Rick and Mindy survived on their own in New York City. The teens returned to Springfield and Phillip planned to marry Beth. Mindy told Phillip she was pregnant and he was forced to marry her. Mindy lost the baby and they divorced. Phillip caused an explosion that blinded Beth. Alex’s step-daughter India blackmailed Phillip into marriage but he refused to consummate the union.

1985 India told Beth about Phillip’s role in her blindness and she rejected him. Phillip and India consummated their marriage after she was cleared of murder charges.1986 Phillip divorced India after he caught her with her lover Simon. Phillip wrote a novel based on his love for Beth and they were re-engaged. Phillip believed Beth had died after they were held hostage by her employer, Prof. Blackburn.1987 Phillip dated his assistant, Chelsea, while they investigated stolen art. Phillip discovered his father, Alan, was the head of the art smugglers. Obsessed with Beth, Phillip neglected Chelsea. Phillip and Chelsea became engaged.1988 Chelsea became frustrated with Phillip’s need for vengeance and ended their engagement. Phillip had an one-night stand with Meredith, Rick’s girlfriend. Phillip fell for his PR exec Blake, who was manipulating him at Alan’s behest. Phillip tutored his brother’s fiancee, Harley, in upper-class etiquette.

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