GH's Helena: It's All About...Luke?

Although Helena’s stated reason for returning to Port Charles is to claim the child Lucky fathered with Elizabeth, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Helena also has more than a passing interest in Lucky’s father, Luke.“Helena has this deep attraction to Luke,” admits Constance Towers (Helena). “They have this wonderful, deep, psychosexual, adversarial something that happens between them.”

The last time fans saw Helena, that “something” took the form of Luke saving her life when she was poisoned by Valentin, the most evil Cassadine of all.

“Helena kind of enjoys owing Luke something,” Towers admits. “The two of them have this unconsummated thing between them, but it would be terrible if it was ever consummated. It would be like The King and I: If the King and Mrs. Anna ever consummated this deep attraction they have, the [story] would be over. There wouldn’t be any reason to go back and see it again. It’s the same thing with Luke and Helena. It would really be sad if that ever happened,” points out Towers.

“I don’t think Luke was hoping that the baby would be a Spencer, because he feels that Lucky has been hurt and has to get on with his life,” Towers acknowledges, admitting that Helena’s “admiration for Luke and his ability to challenge her also colors her ‘affection’ for Lucky. But she is not going to let Lucky interfere with this baby.” Or her ultimate revenge on the Spencer clan.

“She feels that [Nikolas’ son] Spencer doesn’t measure up, because the poor guy, his mother was a stripper and his uncle is Sonny, who in Helena’s eyes is a low-class gangster,” Towers notes. “He doesn’t have the genes that she feels a true Cassadine should have. But she’s willing to take a Spencer child and raise him as though he were a Cassadine, and make everyone feel that he’s the next prince.

“It’ll be the endgame,” Towers smiles. “The Spencers may exist, but they won’t have any strength of numbers, any pleasure in life. She will reduce them as far as she can, because they took out two generations of her family!”

As an added bonus, Helena continues to make Lucky’s life difficult.

“Elizabeth, of course, was hoping the baby is Lucky’s, because she desperately would like to reinstate her life in some way with Lucky.”

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