GH Scribe Jean Passanante On Retirement: ”It’s Just Time."

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GH Co-Head Writer Jean Passanante is retiring from the show at the end of July. “It gets to be a time when it’s just time,” Passanante tells Digest. “And it seemed like the right time. I do have other things that I’m interested in pursuing and I have a daughter who lives in Europe, who I want to visit whenever I can. I have been pondering it for a long time. It’s a pretty consuming kind of job and you need to get your head clear of it every once in a while. It’s been a great 27 years, or something like that — it’s a long time!” Drawing her daytime writing career to a close, she sighs, “couldn’t possibly be happening at a more ridiculous time for me, really, because this is such a happy shop. Working with Shelly [Altman, co-head writer] is amazing and fun. Working with Frank [Valentini, executive producer] is kind of a dream; he makes it really easy and he’s so supportive. And the network, Vicki Dummer [Head of Current Series Programming, ABC Entertainment] and Nathan [Varni, Manager, Current Programming, ABC], have been incredibly supportive, so it’s kind of like, ‘What? Are you out of your mind?’ But go when the going’s good, you know? They’ve been incredibly sweet about this. But it’s a hard show to leave, and the actors are so, so good. It’s just a pleasure to write for them.” Chimes in Altman, “As I keep reminding her, she can always change her mind!”

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