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GH Preview: Major Drama For “Julexis”!

Credit: JPI

A new chapter in the battered and bruised relationship of Julian and Alexis kicks off when GH returns to the airwaves on Monday, and Soap Opera Digest has the scoop on the ramifications of Alexis drunkenly running her ex-husband down on Thanksgiving. In the wake of the collision, “She feels guilt and horror and fear,” according to Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman. Plus, “She is concerned about Julian’s life, and as a result, she will show more interest in that than she thought she had inside her.” Presuming he survives, don’t put it past Julian to use the accident as leverage in his quest to win Alexis back. Points out portrayer William deVry,  “If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Julian, it’s that he’s an opportunist and he is likely to see something as negative as this as maybe a potential positive in reconstructing their relationship.” Get the full details in the new issue on sale now!