Q: How many times have Sonny and Carly been married?A: Four. They wed in 2000 after Carly witnessed an exchange between Sonny and Sorel in order to avoid Carly testifying against Sonny in court. By 2001, they had truly fallen in love and renewed their vows. They split up later that year. In 2002, after Carly was presumed dead, she and Sonny reconciled and remarried. Finally, when Sonny was facing jail time for shooting Alcazar in 2007, history repeated itself and witness Carly walked down the aisle again with Sonny (even though she was engaged to Jax at the time).
Q: What was the name of the planet that Casey the alien was from?A: Lumina.
Q: Who is the longest-running cast member of GH?A: That would be Rachel Ames, whose free-spirited stewardess, Audrey, arrived in Port Charles on February 21, 1964, less than one year after GH debuted on April 1, 1963.Q: Is that a real hospital that appears in the GH opening?A: It is, indeed. That’s Los Angeles’s very own County Hospital.
Q: What is Maurice Benard’s (Sonny) real name?A: P.C.’s favorite mob boss was born Mauricio Morales.
Q: What is the song they always play for GH’s Jason and Sam?A: The “JaSam” love song is called “Just You And Me” by Rie Sinclair. For more on the artist, check out her official Web site at /
Q: How did Stone contract the AIDS virus?A: Though he wasn’t able to prove it, Stone suspected that he contracted HIV/AIDS from a former drug-addicted girlfriend named Crystal, with whom he’d engaged in unprotected sex.Q: How was Sonny introduced to the show?A: Maurice Benard made his first appearance as GH’s lovable mobster back in 1993 as the owner of the Paradise Lounge, a strip club where Karen Wexler danced and disrobed.

Q: How is Michael related to the Quartermaine family?
A: Although Sonny legally adopted the child, his biological father was the late A. J. Quartermaine. That makes Alan and Monica his grandparents; Jason his uncle; Edward his great-grandfather; and Ned and Dillon his cousins.
Q: Since Sam is now Alexis’s daughter, who is her biological father?A: That dishy piece of info has yet to be revealed, but Head Writer Robert Guza, Jr., assures us that Sam’s origins will be explored in the near future and advises us to “Stay tuned.”
Q: How many illegitimate children does Edward have?As of this writing, the randy corporate raider has had two illegitimate sons. Besides having Tracy and Alan with wife Lila, he fathered the late Bradley Ward with Mary Mae Ward and Jimmy Lee Holt with Beatrice LaSeur.
Q: On GH, Sonny’s shrink is named Lainey. Is that a nickname? What is the character’s real name?A: Port Charles’s most popular psychiatrist is named Dr. Louise Elaine “Lainey” Winters. And if the actress looks familiar, you may have caught Kent King as Imani on PORT CHARLES in 2003 or seen her during her run as Julie on KNOTS LANDING from 1988-1992.
Q: What happened to Georgie and Maxie’s mom, Felicia? She’s rarely on the show any more.A: Kristina Wagner, the actress who originated the role, left GH to pursue a college education in 2005. Sandra Ferguson was hired to assume the role that May. However, after a few appearances, Felicia was moved to the storyline back burner. She’s still in Port Charles, but, obviously, hanging out in very remote places!
Q: We know that Bobbie and Tony are Lucas’s adoptive parents, but who are his biological mom and dad? Is Lucas really the son of Robert Scorpio?A: In 1989, Tiffany’s sister, Cheryl Stansbury, gave birth to a baby boy who was stolen from her at birth. Cheryl was told that her son died, and Bobbie unwittingly adopted him on the black market. Cheryl initially believed that her boyfriend at the time, Robert Scorpio, had fathered her baby, but the dad turned out to be her old beau, mob boss Julian Jerome.
Q: Isn’t Rick Hearst’s (Ric) REAL last name Herbst? And, if so, is he related to co-star Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth)?A: Indeed, Hearst’s surname was Herbst. He changed it professionally, because he thought it would be easier to pronounce. The actor, however, is not related to his former leading lady with the same name.
Q: Are Elizabeth and Lucky related? And how is Liz related to Audrey?A: The only way Liz and Lucky are related is by marriage. Liz’s father is Jeff Webber. Jeff’s half brother, Rick, married Lesley, Laura’s mother, and adopted Laura. As for Audrey, she is Jeff’s stepmother and therefore, Liz’s stepgrandmother. Jeff was raised as the son of Lars and Helene Webber. But when he was an adult, Jeff (who had a son, Steven, with Heather) and Steve Hardy discovered that they were really father and son.
Q: How does Monica own the Quartermaine mansion?A: Monica has owned the Quartermaine manse since 1978, when Alan put the title in her name as a wedding present.
Q: I thought Sonny and Carly originally hated each other. How did they become husband and wife?A: Sonny and Carly did hate one another. In fact, it was hatred that fueled their one-night stand. They first became bed buddies after Carly spotted Jason (with whom she was madly in love) in an intimate moment with Elizabeth; Sonny had just discovered that his latest love, Hannah, was an undercover federal agent. Their tryst resulted in Carly’s pregnancy, but she ended up losing the baby. Sonny took Carly and Michael under his wing, however, and ended up marrying Carly so she couldn’t testify against him after the cops busted in on a meeting between Sonny and Sorel. Of course, they eventually fell in love.

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