GH Alum’s Film Gets Distribution Deal

Robert Palmer Watkins (ex-Dillon, GH) shared on Instagram an article from that his film, Last Three Days, will be released later this year. In the film, Watkins plays the lead role of Jack, who is undercover cop who gets mixed up with a dangerous crime syndicate. The character wakes up to discover he is missing his partner, his wife and three days of his life. Along with the official movie poster, Watkins posted on Instagram, “@lastthreedays got domestic and international distribution and @deadline has the news! Congrats to everyone who worked on this film! It will be available to the public by the end of the year! @tyrannus @chrishaggertydp @thomaswilsonbrown @deborah_lsmith @ginahiraizumi @lastthreedays.”

The Last Three Days

Brotherhood Studios

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