Five Minutes With ... Josh Duhon

Soap Opera Digest: Welcome to GH, Josh.
Josh Duhon: Thank you. It’s good to be here.Digest: You bring a real take-charge attitude to your character.
Duhon: I think that comes from my [real-life] dad. My father’s one of those guys who walks in a room and everybody straightens up and looks around. It’s about presence and the way you carry yourself. It’s something you can’t necessarily verbalize, but it’s definitely a good quality to have.

Digest: Tell us about Logan.
Duhon: Logan has serious dad issues. His dad left and that really affected him. He was raised by a single mother, so I think he’s very bitter. But what has not yet been revealed about Logan is he has a tremendous vulnerability to him that few people get to see. That’s going to surface. Thus far, all you’ve seen is this hothead guy, but there’s a lot more to him than that.Digest: How do you like working with Julie Marie Berman (Lulu)?
Duhon: Julie is a strong and powerful leading female. I’d heard that the problem they were having was the guys they were auditioning [for the role], she’d roll right over them. But when we came together, it was like trains colliding and that’s what they wanted, that big collision. Julie is an extremely talented actress, so it just makes everything easier when you’ve got somebody who’s committed to their work. Digest: What does Logan find attractive about Lulu?
Duhon: Obviously, she’s a beautiful girl, but in Lulu, he sees a girl who’s so strong. She had to be in order to overcome a lot of adversity — her mother’s coma, family issues, an abortion at such a young age. He’s attracted to that strength and maybe, in some way, thinks this is a girl who may be strong enough to put up with everything Logan has to offer. Digest: Are you preparing for your inevitable soap love scene?

Duhon (laughs): I work out. I like to box. I run. I’m pretty active. I play a lot of sports. I was blessed with my family’s good genes, so that’s helped me out. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and hope it’s enough.Digest: Tell us about the two tattoos you have on your upper arms.
Duhon: One is a Texas flag and this [phrase] is Latin for “The Truth” and the other is an American flag with Romans 12:21 which is, “Be not overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.”Digest: You must have lots to talk about with fellow Texan Greg Vaughan (Lucky).
Duhon: Greg’s a Texas boy. We do have some good conversations from time to time, but Greg’s a new father, so his time is limited now. Greg has been very nice. Everybody’s been really nice to me so far. Digest: Has anyone been mentoring you at GH?
Duhon: Kin [Shriner, Scott] has been really kind to me. I was new to the daytime arena, and there’s an art to daytime. So, I’ve been watching him. He’s a daytime legend. He and Maurice Benard [Sonny], who has also been very kind to me. I’ve been learning how those guys work and what they do. It’s an incredible learrning experience. I’m a sponge and I’m just soaking it all in.

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