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Chicago native Felisha Terrell joined DAYS OF OUR LIVES this spring as Rafe’s nagging sister, Arianna. The daytime newcomer shares her thoughts on her first soap role, what it’s like working with Passions’ alumni Galen Gering (Luis) and Eric Martsolf (Brady), and how she came to daytime via the world of pharmaceuticals.Soap Opera Weekly: You play a waitress on DAYS. Isn’t that ironic, considering that’s how a lot of actors support themselves while they’re waiting for their big break?

Felisha Terrell: Actually, not [always]. Before I went into acting, I had a completely different job: I was in pharmaceutical sales. I went to college and worked for Fortune 500 companies. So it’s definitely been a long road for me and a huge change, although I did wait tables in college, briefly.

Weekly: How did you end up going from pharmaceuticals to acting?

Terrell: My parents were very strict about my focusing on school. So I went to college and did all that. But eventually, I realized that acting was what I really wanted to do. So I moved out to Los Angeles about 2 1/2 years ago, and started taking classes and auditioning.

Weekly: Had you ever taken any acting classes prior to moving to L.A.?

Terrell: No. I never did a school play or anything, although I think I [played] the Sugar Plum Fairy when I was 5.
Weekly: DAYS is your “big break.” Did it take time to acclimate to the world of professional acting, particularly the harried soap scene?

Terrell: Absolutely. I’m honestly still getting used to it. But I walked onto such an amazing set with great people, so getting acclimated wasn’t so much of a struggle. I’m really hard on myself, with my work ethic coming from the business world. I sometimes want to be perfect. But in this business, you have to give yourself a break and realize it’s a process.

Weekly: What can you share about your two leading men, Galen Gering and Eric Martsolf?

Terrell: They’re both jokesters and great guys. Between takes, Galen will always throw something random at me and make me crack up. Sometimes I’ll tell him, “If you make me laugh, I’ll kill you,” because I need to get through the scene. He’s always teasing me about playing the nagging sister. Both Galen and Eric have been very helpful to me. I’ll ask Eric questions about how he approaches certain things, and he always has great answers for me. He’s a great family guy. It’s nice to work with someone who’s as grounded as he is. He’s been in this business for a while, but he hasn’t lost sight of what’s important.

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