Farewell To The King

Soap Opera Digest: Are you going to miss the Alcazar brothers?
Ted King: Absolutely! The great thing about what I’ve been able to do with this character in the last four and a half years, particularly with Lorenzo, was that he’s been very three-dimensional.Digest: Will you miss playing such a tough guy?
King: Actually, I’ll miss the comedy. I look back on scenes I did with Luke and Skye when she was having the baby. Oh, man. We had great stuff when he sent Tony’s [Geary, Luke] character to Miami to check out some stuff. We had great stuff in the hotel room down there; scenes with Dillon and Georgie, popping M&Ms in my mouth. I could go on and on.Digest: You’ve established a reputation for being very fan-friendly. Will you be making future appearances?
King: Ironically, I’m doing my first fan event here in Los Angeles during the GENERAL HOSPITAL Fan Club Weekend this summer — now that I’ve left [laughs]. I’ve been asked in years past to do a personal event and I’d always said no because I put my all into the cast luncheon for the entire show and always stayed late to spend as much time as possible with each person who stood in line and get to know them on some level. But I had some fans who flew in from Germany who said, “I’d love to come to a personal event, but this is the one thing I can do in the United States a year. Won’t you please have a personal event?” So, last year we discussed it and I decided to do one this July.Digest: Well, it will be some degree of closure for fans.
King: I think you’re right. I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of mail in response to all of this. I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.Digest: And, fans can follow your work on your official Web site, www.tedking.com.
King: Yes.Digest: Plus, we’ll be seeing your music column, “King’s Spin,” continuing in Digest.
King: That has been a pleasure of mine. I have thoroughly enjoyed that column. And because it’s not directly related to the show, it does make sense for it to continue.Digest: So, we know part of your future plans. You recently got engaged.
King: Yes, the future is exciting. The future is wide open.Digest: Would you relocate to the East Coast?
King: That is a possibility. It will either be New York or Los Angeles. We’re still waiting to hear on some schools for my fiancée. She’s going to graduate school, so we’re waiting to hear on responses. That will give us a better idea of what city we need to be in.Digest: We hate to sound like a nosy neighbor, but have you kids set a date?
King (laughs): Thank you for saying that. No, we have not set a date because again, that is contingent on a school. It’s funny to have your life in the balance waiting on an acceptance from a graduate school, but that’s where she’s at and now we’re connected. What the future is really about for me is realizing a new life as a couple rather than as an individual and that is what I’m most looking forward to right now.Digest: Did you get a cake?
King: I had numerous cakes, huge displays of balloons, so many flowers. I didn’t know that I would be able to get them all home. I had to bring my fiancée’s car, which is three times the size of mine, so we could put everything in. She came to work with me and helped me carry everything out.Digest: So, it was good last day?
King: It was a last week! It wasn’t a last day. This went on for days. Every day I was there, there were more things being delivered. It was very overwhelming. It was all very appreciated and I’m very appreciative to the fans for all their support. Digest: Any final words for the fans?
King: I hope they’re okay with watching whatever’s next.