Nick Grace

On August 19, Sharon’s former BBF, Grace Turner, played by Jennifer Gareis (Donna, B&B), will make an appearance on Y&R. The top-secret return, which was promoted at the end of today's episode, was a fun gig for the actress, who played the conniver on and off after being cast in 1997, but was last seen in 2004.

“That was my first role, when I came to L.A. I got that probably a month after I moved here,” she points out. “Y&R was like my home away from home. Being able to go back to that was awesome. It was the best.” But also something she couldn’t talk about, even to real-life pal Sharon Case (Sharon). “I didn’t say anything to anyone because they asked me not to,” she reveals. “I felt like, ‘Here I am keeping this secret and I can’t even tell my best friend!’ Then I thought, ‘She’ll know when she sees the script!’ When I have to keep a promise, whether it be work, my friends or family, I take it to the grave.”

With B&B taping just across the hall, Gareis was ready for questions from her co-stars on the day of her Y&R shoot. “I saw B&B people in the hallway and they asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ ” she chuckles. “I was like, ‘You never saw me here!’ It was kind of funny and I think that made them more suspicious, like, ‘What in the world? Why is she acting so weird?’ ” Don't miss tomorrow's episode featuring Gareis, where life-altering secrets are revealed. For more for the actress, pick up the issue on Digest on sale August 29.