Exclusive: Finola Hughes On GH’s Anna Reveal

Credit: ABC

With the reveal that the real Anna is being held against her will at a London hospital, fans’ suspicions that that the “Anna” running around Port Charles is actually her twin, Alex Devane Marick, who was introduced on ALL MY CHILDREN back in 1999, has been confirmed. Finola Hughes, who plays both roles, was sworn to such secrecy that not even her co-stars were looped in. She tells Digest, “It has been really interesting to watch the actors’ faces fall as they’ve been informed that they were actually performing with somebody else. Most of them were like, ‘I thought that there was something weird! I thought that there was something off!’ ” Even having done double duty before, the actress says that she questioned her ability to pull it off. “You want to take the audience on a ride, and it’s a wonderful gift when writers give you something like this to do, but it is a fine line, oftentimes, that we have to walk.” Of playing Alex posing as Anna, she muses, “I could probably have had more fun with it, but it came with a lot of anxiety.” Look for the full scoop from Hughes in an upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest.