ANOTHER WORLD alum Alicia Coppola (ex-Lorna), who has racked up an impressive list of credits since leaving Bay City in 1994, has joined the cast of the No. 1 show as Meredith Gates, a doctor, and will make her Genoa City debut on April 13. "They explained a little bit about it and who I would be working with and sent me some material, Coppola tells Digest of her initial discussions about the role. "In those 10 pages that I read, it was a really fully fleshed-out female character. I haven’t really read something like that in a long time, something that was so dynamic and interesting that I automatically saw a backstory. She reminds me of Lorna. She feels things very deeply, and I just think there’s a lot more going on than what’s on the surface. I like that. For more, see an upcoming issue of Digest.