Emma Samms on DYNASTY Reunion

On Saturday, March 20, Emma Samms (ex-Fallon, DYNASTY/THE COLBYS; ex-Holly, GH) will be one of the featured guests at a star-studded online DYNASTY reunion, which she organized to raise desperately needed funds for research into long Covid (those who continue to suffer from a range of symptoms once they are no longer actively infested with the coronavirus; Samms is along them). Tickets for the gathering, which will include Linda Evans (ex-Krystle), Heather Locklear (ex-Amanda), Michael Nader (ex-Dex), Leann Hunley (ex-Dana; Anna, DAYS), Stephanie Beacham (ex-Sable), Gordon Thomson (ex-Adam), John James (ex-Jeff), Jack Coleman (ex-Steven) and many others, can be purchased here Samms tells Digest, “Linda Evans is going to be joining us for the first 20 minutes. So we’ll introduce everyone there, and the first 20 minutes will mostly be about Linda and Krystle, and bless her for saying she would do it; I am so, so grateful for that. We’ll have a nice chat with Linda. The chap hosting this for me is a British BBC host who has done a lot of radio and television and he’s a huge DYNASTY fan, which will be so great. For us, it’s a catch-up, too. And then we’re going to have a quiz, and the reason we’re going to have a quiz is because I’ve watched some of the DYNASTY reunions that have been done before and there’s a certain awkwardness, like, ‘Okay, now tell a funny story.’ It all seems, understandably, a bit contrived. So I thought to make it nicely interactive for the people watching at home and also as a structure, to have a quiz that sort of prompts the funny stories. People watching the Zoom will be able, if they want to, answer the questions on the quiz on their phones; we’ll give them a link to do so. But even if you’re not answering the questions in the quiz, I think it will be very entertaining, because we’ll be talking about things we haven’t thought about in years! It’ll prompt a lot of reminiscing, but in a more natural way, really. We’ll have a short segment with the doctors who are doing the research [into long Covid] because I do want people to know why these lovely actors are donating their time to this cause, because they are absolutely not being paid; they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, and I feel so fortunate to have gotten so many of them to agree to do this. These doctors are so smart, but they are, surprisingly, also cool! I was expecting them to be nerdy, and they’re really fun! Of course, they’re way too young to know anything about DYNASTY [laughs]. They will explain, just briefly, why it’s so important to find out the root cause of long Covid and what they’re doing to find out and to be able to treat it. I am so looking forward to watching the interactions between everybody. That was one of my favorite things about DYNASTY, watching the actors have a laugh. Gordon Thomson, who’s doing it, was always such a kind, thoughtful gentleman of a man and he’s got some great stories, and he’s slightly less discreet than the others, so that will be fun! He doesn’t need much encouragement. We’re also going to have an auction of memorabilia and other items, a mixture of all sorts of things. I’m donating a beautiful robe, one that is stunning and glamorous, a Nolan Miller piece, which hopefully the DYNASTY collectors will be interested in. It’s turned into quite an event! I’m just very lucky that so many people are helping out. It’s just going to be fun and these days, having an event to go to is fun. There will be a Q&A and a bit of fun and I’m encouraging people to dress up for it. I want people to feel like they’re going to an event, to a party, and it’s going to be a good, fun time with a good purpose.” As for whether she will be dressed to the nines like Fallon, Samms teases, “I’d need bigger hair, for a start, but I might wear something appropriate [to the DYNASTY era], big jewelry, shoulder pads.”