Delon de Metz (Zende, B&B) shares his top recommendations

Exercise Equipment: “It’s been tough now with the air quality the way it’s been, and the gyms are closed so I went out and bought dumbbells. I had a friend recommend these adjustable Bowflex dumbbells that are sold out everywhere and they are expensive, but I found this guy on craigslist and now I have these adjustable dumbbells. They’re great, and after this I should be a Bowflex salesman now.”

Singers: “Steven Tyler. Alex Band. Michelle Branch, she’s unreal. I love exploring that era, especially now. I feel like the bar for entries 20 years ago was much higher than it is today.”

Band: “A lot of the stuff I’ve been listing to lately is Santana, late ’90s, early 2000s — Santana’s second run. As a kid, I remember their songs but I didn’t really appreciate it until you start comparing it to what you hear now versus what came out decades ago. It may not have been on my radar then, but it is now. You listen to those guitar riffs and [compared to] what you hear on streaming services or on the radio now, my mind is blown.”

Instagram: “I mostly follow friends and actors I admire. I like to follow action guys: Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme, Jason Statham — anyone who was in The Expendables.”