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ANSWERS1) I was cut down in the prime of my life and left behind a grieving father and a sister I will never know. You can bet I’ll never watch DANCING WITH THE STARS again!

A. Diego Alcazar (played by Ignacio Serricchio), whom was shot and killed by Sam (Kelly Monaco).

2) I also left the planet young, but died an honorable death and was given a hero’s funeral. Though I left behind no blood relatives, the two people closest to me hooked up as their grief overwhelmed them and their lives spiraled out of control.

A. Jesse Beaudry (played by Matt Marraccini), who was killed in the line of duty. His girlfriend, Maxie, and partner Lucky ended up sleeping together.

3) Most people thought I was all business, but when it came to my headstrong daughter, let’s just say she was my Achilles’ heel. I died saving her, but if I had to do it all over again … I would have had Sonny die saving her.

A. DA John Durant (played by Corbin Bernsen), who was Carly’s father and was constantly trying to stick Sonny behind bars.

4) I was a big Latino fish in a small, illegal pond when it came to organized crime in Port Charles, but I inadvertently became a casualty of the feud between Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan.

A. Miguel Escobar (played by Marco Rodriguez), who was assassinated by Jason just as Miguel planned on killing Sonny.

5) I was a top neurosurgeon who was the first victim of 2006’s killer virus. Despite my high-profile job, I threw my marriage away years ago on a fling with a selfish tart. Sigh … but that’s okay. I got to die with my ex, who I still loved, my rascally bro-in-law and my handsome, gay son, who I was very proud of and would’ve marched with in a PFLAG parade had I lived.

A. Tony Jones (played by Brad Maule), who’d slept with Carly before it became public knowledge that she was Bobbie’s daughter. Tony died in the presence of loved ones Bobbie, Luke and Lucas.

6) I was an end-stage AIDS patient with no health insurance, but that didn’t stop Dr. Scorpio and Dr. Drake from humanizing my illness and treating me with dignity and respect in the final days of my life. Those two really belong together. I hope Robin remembers the insightful words from the letter I left for her before I passed on.

A. April Gilbert (played by Toy Connor), who contracted AIDS from her drug-using boyfriend and played matchmaker for Robin and Patrick.

7) Some might say I was a drama queen in life, so it’s fitting that I had such a tragic demise. During the virus epidemic, I was forced to choose between my own life or that of my unborn child. I took the unselfish route and died so my baby could live.

A. Courtney Matthews (played by Alicia Leigh Willis) gave birth to Nikolas’s son, but died before she could inform Cassadine that he was the father. Jax pretended the child was his and raised him for months before admitting the truth.

8) I was also a casualty of that darn epidemic, too. I’ll miss my beloved Phillies and my sister, of course. But at least I was able to give her a vital clue to her heritage before I kicked the bucket.

A. Danny McCall (played by David Greenman) passed away before hospital personnel could locate an antidote for the virus. Before dying, he informed his sister, Sam, that she was adopted.

9) I’ll miss terrorizing the town of Port Charles. Lucky Spencer claimed responsibility for my demise, even though he was drugged up and that thug Jason Morgan managed to push me off the roof. My only regret? I didn’t get to leave my (ink) mark on his sexy lady, Sam. Well, maybe my brother will take care of that.

A. Manny Ruiz (played by Robert LaSardo) perished in a fall after a crime spree that included attempting to tattoo a bound Sam. Now, PCers are fearful of Ruiz’s identical twin brother, Father Mateo. Lord help them!

10) After a decade of life in Port Chuck, I met my maker due to my dangerous line of work. I left the corporate jungle of ELQ for the excitement of Corinthos and company, but when a tattooed madman started taking out denizens, I was found dead in the trunk of a car. I didn’t even get to bed my sexy shrink girlfriend! Life isn’t, er, wasn’t fair.

A. Sonny’s attorney, Justus Ward (played by M’fundo Morrison), was shot to death by Manny Ruiz, after he had begun dating Dr. Lainey Winters (played by Kent King).

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