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Looks like the new co-head writing team of Dena Higley and Ryan Quan are digging into Salem history: The show released a casting call for Dr. Valerie Grant, described as a gorgeous African-American woman in her mid-50s. The casting notice reads: "Courage and perseverance are two character traits that people admire her for the most. And while her experiences might have hardened other people and made them cynical, Valerie has grown into a wise and compassionate person – who still occasionally gets tripped up by her own mistakes." In 1976, Valerie was paired with Julie's son, David Banning, marking soaps' first interracial romance. (Check out this article from 1977 about their breakup: hereValerie was last seen in Salem in 1982. The show is seeking experienced actors for the recurring role, which will begin taping in mid-to-late May. 

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