Chad Duell Portrays Dual Meanings

GENERAL HOSPITAL is going out of its way to avoid detailing exactly what happened to Michael when Carter had him at his mercy. When the storyline was introduced, Chad Duell (Michael) had a pretty clear idea what was going to happen to his character, but somewhere along the way, events became a lot more vague. We went straight to the source, to ask Duell how his approach to the storyline has changed.Soap Opera Weekly: Can you tell us what happened to Michael?

Chad Duell: There’s a lot of people wanting to know what happened. The writers let me have the leeway as an actor to show what I feel happened to Michael, so I am playing it a certain way. I have an idea of what happened, but it’s best for the show right now to keep people guessing; keep that element of mystery. It will be revealed at a point — probably later in the year — what actually did happen, but right now, Michael is the only one who knows. As the actor playing him, I play it a certain way; how I feel [events] played out, so it’s still a mystery.

Weekly: Aw, c’mon, not even a hint?

Duell: People can read what they want into it. It’s gonna be talked about later in the year, but right now, it’s something that only Michael knows.

Weekly: Whatever it was, it was unpleasant, right?

Duell: Yeah, you can tell it wasn’t a good thing, but it may or may not be exactly what people think.

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