Cameron Mathison: Bringing Up Baby

With a baby on the way in real life and reel life, ALL MY CHILDREN’s Cameron Mathison weighs in on Ryan’s impending fatherhood, and more importantly, his character’s relationship with that child’s mother, Kendall.

“I am enjoying the current story,” admits Mathison. “I’m glad that Kendall and Ryan have been able to speak like civil people. For a while, Ryan was just trying to figure out who he was after that whole transition that he went through, and he’s coming to terms with Kendall being pregnant. Obviously, this is exciting for me because that’s what drives me every day in my life — my son (Lucas, 2) and now my daughter on the way.”

And being a daddy-to-be has already changed Ryan. “It’s going to give some interesting insight into Ryan about what a good person he really is and what a good person he can be,” the actor explains. “I don’t think there’s any going back to the [same] old Ryan — too much has happened. But I think, for all intents and purposes, he is essentially finding his way back to the old Ryan.”

Will this “old Ryan” find his way back to old flame Kendall? “What Ryan and Kendall have is a serious connection,” Mathison states. “It was there before; it will be there tomorrow. It’s there when they’re fighting, it’s there when they’re happy. It’s always there. I think that’s the big difference between what Ryan and Kendall have and what Zach and Kendall have. Zach and Kendall have something incredible, but it’s not a connection that Ryan and Kendall have. And I’m not talking about a love connection.

“Ryan and Kendall have some really good scenes coming up,” continues Mathison. “Alicia (Minshew, Kendall) and I have been working together recently, which has been nice. It’s not like they are a couple or anything — they’re scenes about the baby. A lot of these scenes are playful and also touching. It’s like two people looking out for each other, talking and trying to figure things out.”