Bryan R. Dattilo On New DAYS Deal

Bryan R. Dattilo, who joined the cast of DAYS in 1993, has inked a new contract with the soap, and is thrilled to be a more permanent member of the cast. “It means one thing … respect, baby, respect,” he tells Digest. The actor admits the move took him by surprise. “I think it came out of left field and I was like, ‘What? They want to put me on contract? Why? I’ll report to work anyway,’ ” he says. “But I was like, ‘I’ll take the contract if that means you think of me in a better light or it means more storyline or whatever.’ ”

Dattilo recognizes that having Lucas around makes sense in light of the struggles his daughter, Allie, has gone through since coming back to town. “I think it was a little weird not to be a part of things when Allie first started going through some stuff, as her father, so I think having Lucas be a part of things gives the character a lot more validity and a lot more substance that I can’t wait to play,” he shares.