B&B's Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) and Katrina Bowden (Flo) Shape Up For Summer

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter)

Diet: “With this pandemic and this whole lockdown life, I’ve been more flexible than usual. But I intermittently fast, so usually I eat for 8 hours and then fast for the next 16 hours. It varies because I try to get my workout in when [son] Christian is taking a nap, so I don’t like to eat before my workout. I have a protein shake after, and I’ll eat eggs, turkey sausage or oatmeal for breakfast. For lunch, I’ll have some tuna, an orange and some wheatgrass. For dinner, I’ll have a chicken breast and some broccoli, and for a snack at night, I’ll have yogurt with some ReddiWip on top, because it has next-to-no calories and no carbohydrates. I’ll also have a couple of peanut butter pretzels, the bite-size, and that’s my day. I’m being healthy but it’s not like I’m training because I have a shirtless scene coming up. It’s more about being healthy and fit, not necessarily camera-ready. Even though I’ve been flexible, I’ve still kept myself in a place where it won’t be incredibly challenging to get back [in shape]. I’m going over the line, but I’m trying not to go too far over it.”

Fitness: “I have some dumbbells, so I do a weighted workout routine with those: chest, arms and back. There are many different variations of things you can do with dumbbells. I do that Monday through Friday, and then do some type of calisthenics — jumping jacks, push-ups — in timed intervals. I do that for, like, 45 minutes, and weekends are off. It’s not just about staying healthy, but it helps me track time in this kind of Groundhog Day that we’re going through. Monday is chest, triceps, shoulder workout, and then the next day it’s something else, and by Saturday, rest. It’s my cheat day. Enjoy! No workout. Sunday is a little less lenient but it’s still a rest day, too.”

Lawrence’s top three tips:

* “Don’t focus on a specific area of your body. When you work out, your body burns fat overall. It doesn’t choose a specific area, so you can do crunches until you pass out but that’s not necessarily going to make the area you’re working go away. It’s about burning calories. It sounds simple, but it’s hard.”

* “I don’t believe in diets. I feel like it has to be a lifestyle rather than a crash diet because when the diet is over, what’s going to happen? You’re going to put the weight back on. Set realistic goals that you can attain.”

* “Find a fitness activity you enjoy. There’s no point in doing something that you hate. If you hate lifting weights, why do it? Find what works for you.”

Katrina Bowden (Flo)

Diet: “I like to cook healthy foods and make interesting meals, and I post those recipes on my blog. You can also see what I eat in a particular day. One of my biggest rules is if you don’t buy it and you don’t have it in the house, you’re not going to eat it. I like to snack and if I’m craving something that’s ‘not good for me’, I’ve learned to have a little bit and not go overboard, because if we spend our entire lives avoiding every single delicious temptation, that’s going to be absolutely no fun. There has to be a balance. For those times I have to be in a bathing suit or my underwear on camera, I cut back. I try not to drink wine, which is one of my favorite indulgences. I try to limit carbs and eat really high protein and just rein in my diet. I’m not eating that chocolate at the end of the day that I feel is a treat. It’s nothing too crazy.”

Fitness: “I prefer to work out in the morning and since I have no real schedule right now [due to the pandemic], I can do that. I usually work out at 9 a.m. and strength training is what I’m doing, strength training and Pilates-inspired workouts. Then, I go on long walks with the dogs almost every day in the neighborhood, so that’s a nice, calm, relaxing cardio. When I was in my early 20s, all I did was cardio. I didn’t do any strength training at all, which if I could go back in time and change, I would. So, I like to find ways to do cardio where it doesn’t feel like you’re actually working out. Sometimes it’s running, and sometimes I don’t want to run, but sometimes I get into a groove and it’s great. Hiking is wonderful, too. I’ll listen to a podcast. I get my heart rate up and I’m outside. I have also been loving dance classes online. I’ve been doing follow-alongs, where you mimic what the instructor is doing on-screen, so you’re just dancing around in your living room. It’s fun.”

Katrina’s top three tips:

* “Keep moving!”

* “I’m a huge fan of using the air fryer. You can make comfort foods, like French fries and chicken fingers, but they’re healthier because they’re not deep-fried.”

* Visit her blog, “It’s full of healthy recipes, eating routines, workout routines and healthy living, in general. There’s a plethora of things to read, and now is the perfect time to check it out.”