B&B's Gregory: "I'm Not Gone."

When B&B’s new opening credits debuted yesterday, Adam Gregory (Thomas) was noticeably absent. With an on-screen mention the week before that his character was working out of the Paris office, B&B fans were concerned that Gregory had flown the coop. Not so, assures a B&B spokesperson. “Adam is recurring,” states the rep, “And, he has more scenes to tape later this week.” The actor even addressed the issue on Twitter stating, “Retracted my last tweet cause I’m not gone, I’m actually back soon! I’m just not a regular and my career is taking a different direction … Thank you to all my #BB fans for sticking by me through this whole time! You guys are all awesome! I do miss my #BB family.” In his time away from B&B, Gregory starred in the World War II drama, Saints and Soldiers: The Void, expected to be released later this year.