B&B November Preview

“November is going to be a super- exciting month,” declares Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell. “We have new faces, new characters. We’re playing stories of romance and then we have a story that in all the years of soaps and all the years of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, there hasn’t quite been a story like this. It’s something fresh and it’s a story you’re not going to want to miss.” 

Thomas/Hope: “Well, Thomas is committed to one woman, and that woman is Hope. It has gotten to the point of obsession, but Thomas is really trying to find a healthy relationship with Hope because he loves her and wants to be with her. But right now, Hope is very much with Liam, and Thomas is left to his own fantasies and imagination, which really blossom when he gets this mannequin, which was used in a Forrester promotion, to his home. He looks at it and admires it and slowly has a relationship with this mannequin that’s something unique. This mannequin is really a part of Thomas’s psyche. The mannequin slowly comes to life, and all of it is really happening between the ears of Thomas. It’s all in his mind, but it seems very real at the time.”

Liam/Hope: “Liam and Hope are solid. They’re very happy with Douglas and with Beth and their little family that they have. Liam is not happy that the family has forgiven Thomas and allows him to work with Hope on a daily basis on the Hope For The Future line. Liam also has baby Kelly with Steffy so he’s divided between two families, so some of this is going to present a challenge to Liam and Hope, and we’ll see if they can rise above it.”

Steffy/Finn: “People have wanted a new man in Steffy’s life for many years, and we’ve come through with Dr. Finn. It’s really going to be a lovely love story. Steffy has the chance to have a new man who is a wonderful guy, and now we’ll see if she can finally break out of the Liam vortex and move on.”

Carter/Zoe/Zende/Paris: “Zoe is doing really well. She’s so happy. Carter has asked her to move in, and we’ll see that their relationship is getting closer. And then in walks Zende, who is an incredibly talented, handsome person, so she’s going to be fascinated with Zende, too. It’s the makings of a classic triangle. To further complicate things, her younger sister, Paris, comes to town, and we’re going to have a great sister story. They’re polar opposites. They’ve gotten along but there has always been a competitive nature. The arrival of her young sister will be met with mixed reviews.”

Brooke/Ridge: “They’re happy. They’re together. They will be working as a team. Brooke and Ridge are determined to take some action against Quinn, who is holding on for dear life to Eric, so we’ll see some more conflict between Quinn and Brooke and Ridge. And then, as the Steffy and Hope drama rolls out, Brooke is on Hope’s team and Steffy has Ridge on her side so that will also again cause stress cracks in Brooke and Ridge’s relationship. But this has to be the last time that Brooke and Ridge are together, solid forever. I can’t imagine that they could break up and make up again.”

Eric/Quinn/Shauna: “Quinn tries to behave and tries to be the Forrester matriarch and a good wife to Eric, but at this point, Quinn sees Shauna as stabbing her in the back. Quinn gets kicked out and Shauna ends up staying there, so there is going to be a very unexpected twist with that story coming up between Quinn and Shauna.”

Quinn/Wyatt/Flo: “They’ve got to put up with Quinn staying there, but Wyatt and Flo have found a great relationship, one that could easily lead to engagement and marriage and commitment. They’re also going to be presented with a challenge and a bit of a mystery story coming their way. And Wyatt will be there for his brother, too. Liam is going to go through some difficult times coming up and Wyatt will be front and center.”

Bill/Katie: “They’re at a real crossroads in their relationship. Katie is powerful, beautiful, independent and the smartest person in Los Angeles in our little world, and she’s had enough. In the early part of 2021, they’re going to be confronted with something that will take over their lives and either they will rise to the occasion and make this marriage work or go in separate directions — but something definitive is happening for them soon.”

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