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B&B Launches New Week Of Classic Episodes

On Monday, June 8, it’s B&B’s very first episode from March 23, 1987 as fashion mogul Eric Forrester and his sons Ridge and Thorne preview Forrester Creations’ new couture line to the press; publishing mogul Bill Spencer, Sr. demands that playboy Ridge stop dating his daughter, Caroline, before he breaks her heart; and Brooke arrives home to her sister Katie after being attacked on her way home from college. On Tuesday, June 9, in an episode that aired on January 6, 2003, Eric and Ridge compete as lead designers in an elegant fashion show set amidst the glamorous backdrop of Portofino, Italy, and Brooke  stuns the crowd as the showstopper, arriving via boat. On Wednesday, June 10, in an episode that first aired on September 16, 2003, Brooke antagonizes Stephanie after Ridge puts a ring on her finger, and an inebriated Sally gives an equally drunk Stephanie a haircut. On Thursday, June 11, in an episode that first aired on June 4, 2010, Oliver throws Hope a special masquerade party in celebration of her high school graduation, but a case of mistaken identity ruins the festivities. On Friday, June 12, Wyatt  is horrified to find out that Quinn has kidnapped Liam, who is suffering from amnesia. This episode originally aired on April 8, 2016.

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