Yes, that was AW alum Kim Rhodes (ex-Cindy, who also appears from time to time on SUPERNATURAL) — a cancer survivor — in a Chevrolet commercial in support of World Cancer Day on February 4 that aired during the Super Bowl. "Thank you so much," she tweeted in response to the spot airing. "I’ve survived an 'easy' cancer but lost my mother after a long battle. Thank you #chevycommercial for work I am proud of. The amazing @tedmattison conveyed so much we never talk about. The burden and joy of supporting someone with cancer. So glad he was my hubs." She later explained her initial tweets, noting, "In regards to 'easy' cancer… the quotes were because so many I know had it so much harder. I got all of mine with surgery… I sat with my friend Kevin in his last months, after a year of not being able to eat solid food, seeing his mother weep… I had it 'easy'. But there is NO easy cancer. We deserve a cure. And may blessings be with those fighting it and those who love them."