Cameron Mathison takes on the unlikely role of Wayne Knight’s on-screen brother on THE EXES, airing tonight, December 3, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on TV Land.

“It was so fun!” Mathison enthuses. “I had such a good time. It was totally ridiculous; these guys are so funny and to play Wayne Knight’s long-lost brother was priceless, really. I think he’s a genius.” As a fan of Knight’s SEINFELD alter ego, Mathison was delighted to share the stage with the actor. “I don’t watch a ton of television, but SEINFELD is one of my favorites, for sure. And I just loved Newman! He’s a legend.” In the episode, “I play a jerk of a brother who bailed on him as a kid and stole money from him and kind of left him hanging, and I come back and pretend to be there for all the right reasons, but really, he has a secret agenda that’s pretty funny. There’s an arc to the story that’s pretty cool.” Knight’s improvisational style kept the actor on his toes. “They’re all outrageously quick and talented in that cast. It’s not that they were changing the dialogue, but there was a lot of messing around and having fun. TV Land really has it figured out; they’re getting the best players from all the past sitcom hits. There’s a reason these people are working. They’re very good and very quick.” Mathison says that sitcom work “suits a lot of aspects of me, as far as the energy of it and being in front of a live audience. It’s a whole different animal from drama, but it’s multicamera, like a soap. The big difference, of course, is that we have a whole week to rehearse. I just loved it!”

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